You don't need me to tell you that the Thornies look splendid in formal wear, but a photographical reminder might not hurt... let's have a peek at the shots the lovely Sue took recently while we whirled around at the Masked Ball:

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 We had fun spinning around on a teeny tiny little world with all the flags we could squeeze in to represent our members. Did you know we have members from *at least* 27 different countries? The lovely Sue grabbed some snaps while we boogied. Let's have a little look:

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 What happens at a weekend wind down? Well, at risk of stating the obvious people sort of, you know, wind down? At the Thorn though, we add music and fun to the mix to bring a smile to your face. Check out the photos that Foxy grabbed while spinning the tunes to see what you missed:

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 We love a good pool party at the Thorn, and DJ Skye never fails to bring the musical excellence. While everyone got good and wet, Amanda took some more stunning pics for us, let's peek:

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