We had an entirely Halloween tunes free night, right in the middle of Halloween season, cuz that's just how we roll! Yes of course there were still costumes, we're not monsters. I grabbed a few snaps while dancing, shall we peek?

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 Every now and then we get to experience something quite new at the Velvet Thorn and Numi's DJ debut was one of those times. She played a 2 hour long, live mixed set of wonderfully atmospheric and seamlessly blended tracks. What a way to open our Halloween season! I grabbed some shots, let's peek:

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 DJ Purple had us spinning around and sparkling like crazy people in our recent party inspired by those tv shows where celebrities try to learn to dance! I grabbed some shots, shall we have a look?

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 So we threw some paint around recently, and threw some shapes and chatted while we danced. Luckily, the lovely Sue was on hand to grab photographic evidence. Let's peek:

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