Hey Thornies! Whew! 2022 is over and we are well into the beginning of 2023.  What a year?! Both good and bad things occurred for all of us including the loss of some of our community members. But we had good times, and celebrations as well.  We did a sub auction and we even tried out something new for the Dommes with the Winter Queen event! We celebrated anniversaries and pooled new ideas for events! We saw an influx of some really great people getting to know the sim and the people who come there.  We even had a youtube tour made of the sim!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1x8DSOrL40&ab_channel=DictatorshopinSecondLife What did you enjoy about 2022?  Share your memories with me via email and I will share on a future post! Here are some of our best moments Photo Style!

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